The Ambiance Matters

Senior Home Mariella is an ideal please for seniors needing recovery, entertainment and recreation in one. All that in comfortable conditions in beautiful location near Warsaw, in kind homely atmosphere provided by our staff.

We invite for short- and long-term stays people with limited independence, lonely and disabled. We guaranty round-the-clock care and rehabilitation after surgeries and hospitalization

Mariella to nowy – oddany na przełomie września i października 2020 r. nowoczesny obiekt, zaprojektowany funkcjonalnie z myślą o potrzebach osób starszych i niepełnosprawnych, wyposażony w najnowsze rozwiązania techniczne, ułatwiające codzienność. See Our Home!

Senior Home Mariella in Konstancin-Jeziorna offers:

  • cosy, kind, homely atmosphere,
  • carrying and understanding staff: nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, trainers, therapists,
  • functional, fully-furnished single and double rooms with bathrooms and balconies,
  • rehabilitation and recovery after surgeries and injuries,
  • beautiful garden and surrender of nature – many places to stroll,
  • possibility to have guests every day,
  • vast offer of different activities,
  • cinema, hair salon, beauty salon, laundry facility, restaurant.

All That You Get at Our Home


We do everything to provide comfort and support well-being of our Residents.

  • Rehabilitation, physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, massages,
  • Yoga for Seniors
  • Animations such as: concerts, meetings, games, cinema
  • Activities supporting concentration and creativity
  • Festive celebration of all occasions.

Our Residents can have visitors when they want and how often they want. With a view to them we prepared a big parking lot, café and children’s play area. A big park with benches it’s a beautiful place for family meetings.

Home Cuisine

Our home kitchen prepares 5 tasty and diverse meals every day. We prepare the meals taking into account not only doctor’s and nutritionist’s orders but also individual preferences of our Residents. Access to warm and cold beverages is unlimited.

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